The most important vitamins for hair growth

It doesn’t matter if you recently got a bad haircut or your hair seems to reach a certain length and just refuses to grow any longer than that. Waiting for your hair to grow is almost like watching wet paint dry. But with the right vitamins you can grow that luscious hair you have always wanted. Nutrients are the key to hair growth. The best part, all of these vitamins you can find in your food that you most likely have in your kitchen.

Vitamin D

This is the sunshine vitamin which gives you a big energy boost, but it also stimulates the hair follicle and activates cells in the hair to grow. It controls the mineral balance of your body, including your zinc levels which can cause flaky scalp and thinning hair.

Vitamin A

This is a vitamin that helps to keep your scalp moisturized which keeps your hair from drying out. It keeps dandruff at bay, and regulates retinoic acid which can cause hair loss. This is a popular vitamin for hair growth.

Vitamin C

This is a vitamin that is needed to boost your immune system but it also does a lot for hair growth. It helps to build collagen which in turn stimulates your hair to grow and even breaks down iron which is what is needed for long and strong hair.

Vitamin E

This vitamin stimulates blood circulation and promotes a good blood supply. That means it helps your scalp to be healthy and it also helps you to get smooth, long, and shiny hair.


This is part of the B complex vitamin group such as Niacin. It is great for boosting your hair growth and even strengthening your hair as well as skin and nails. It is in a lot of different beauty products as well.