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You have most likely seen the infomercials that run late at night and have come across the My Pillow ad or you have ran across them at your local mall. Some might have heard about them from friends who have either loved it or hated it. Somewhere you have heard about it and now you are wondering is it worth it.

In this review we will break down the components of the My Pillow. Now if you have found a pillow that really works for you, then stick with it. There are a lot of people that have sworn by My Pillow but they most likely haven’t slept on a lot of pillows.

I purchased the My Pillow from Amazon. I loved the fact that it was easy to purchase and make returns if needed to Amazon. Instead of dealing with the hassle of trying to send it back to the company. The Amazon price is cheaper than the actual website, which really surprised me because sometimes there are special offers that make it a lot cheaper on the actual site.  I purchased the My Pillow Classic Queen. The My Pillow came in an Amazon Box and it was wrapped in plastic that had a sticker stating to put it in the dryer for 15 minutes before using it.

Where to find the best My Pillow Promo codes?

Ok, so many of us don’t like to pay retail, the full price.  We just have to get a bargain that’s why using a My Pillow Promo Code is a good idea.  I’ll find the best coupon sites for you guys and update soon.

MyPillow reviews

When I picked the pillow up, I was really expecting a really heavy pillow, but this was the lightest pillow that I have ever held. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t live up to all the hype. So, I followed the instructions and let it roll around in the dryer for 20 minutes. I used a cool setting and also a dryer sheet. The first thing I did was take a nap with it. I found that I didn’t have to move it around as much as I have with my other pillows which left me pleasantly surprised.  There are many MyPillow reviews but my tests show results you can rely on with My Pillow review

This premium pillow has different firmness’s. I ordered a medium because I sleep on my side, back, and stomach. The filling that was inside of the pillow was just the right amount of support but it wasn’t overstuffed. It cradles your neck and then left me feeling completely rested. It also did really well with maintaining a cool temperature.

The only issue I had with it, is that you can’t adjust the amount of filling that is in it.

If you try out this pillow knowing what to expect, then you will be pleased with the results. The best bet is to purchase it through Amazon, because it is virtually hassle free.

There is just something about My Pillow that really makes it feel unlike any pillow that I have ever slept on. Finding the right type of pillow can take a lot of time, but the My Pillow will give you a big insight to what you have been missing when it comes to what is on the market right now and what you should expect before you buy it.

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